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I have had enough

As Isaiah challenges the people of his time to a faith marked not just by worship, but by how they live their lives in the world, a reflection on how St. Paul’s has worshiped and engaged in the world, particularly during the pandemic.

A Heart at Peace!

Whether by terrorist attack, through prejudice and discrimination against a minority group, in our political campaigns, or in our personal relationships, the violence and mistreatment we perpetuate on each other arise first from the inner violence that poisons and fragments the human heart.  We need a change of heart.  We need a heart at peace.

The Point of No Return

On the Seventh Sunday of Easter, Fr. Javier reflects on Jesus’ prayer in John 17: “Having loved his own, the gospel reads, he loved them to the end… Death, you see, is not the thing that propels Jesus forward. Violence is not the singularity that redeems his work—rather, it is love that redeems. It is love that…