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Youth News (Week of Oct 6, 2019)

I am so thankful that Fall has finally decided to bless us with its presence. Cool air, beautiful leaves, and October baseball. It just doesn’t get any better. Well, it does when the youth gather on Sunday evenings and bless each other, the volunteers, and myself with their crazy stories and wonderful energy.

“Youth are the church of TODAY and tomorrow. Adults are the church of yesterday and today”

Youth Ministry News and Events:

  • DATE CHANGES: We have moved the dates of our two lock ins and the EYC’s around them to allow us to use the most of the facilities. Please update your calendars accordingly.
  • The November lock in has moved from the 2nd and the 3rd, to the 9th and 10th. With Regular EYC now on the 3rd and NO EYC on the 10th.
  • The December babysitting lock in has moved from the 6th and 7th, to the 13th and 14th. With regular EYC on the 8th, and NO EYC on the 15th. I hope that all makes sense. I’ll be around this week so if you have any questions please reach out.
  • October 6th and 13th EYC’s 5pm – 7pm: We will have regular EYC on October 6th and 13th where we continue to discuss Harry Potter, how it relates to scriptural passages, and other life lessons we can gain.
  • Carnival! October 20th: We will be having our annual Carnival on October 20th! The children’s ministry will be having their chili cook off, while the youth will be doing trunk or treat and a pumpkin carving contest. More information to come as we get closer to our event date.
  • GENESIS! Friday, October 25 until Sunday, October 27: Genesis is a middle school youth event that helps young people deepen their relationship with Christ through small groups and sharing faith stories. The diocesan website will have all the information regarding registration, where, and how much. I really hope we have a ton of youth who decide to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. https://www.dionc.org/digital_faith/events/3181829
  • Volunteers Needed: While you’re here, I’d like to ask that you look over the different availability in the signups for the upcoming semester. Please, sign up where you can. If you need time to think about what the rest of your life looks like around that, I completely understand. Since I am interim, I am going to need help from everyone. Your age, how much teen culture you know, and whether or not you’re a Biblical Scholar are not important. What is important is your love for God, a willingness to listen to (and learn from) the youth, and a great attitude. Without the time dedicated by previous volunteers, we would not have built the youth group that we have today. Email Zack Rugen at youth@stpaulscary.org for more information.

EYC Advisors: Sign up to assist with our EYC events HERE

EYC Dinners: Sign up to bring dinner to our amazing youth HERE

Christian Formation Leaders: Sign up to teach and learn with our youth on Sunday mornings HERE

I am looking forward to all the wonderful opportunities God presents to us,

God Bless,
Zachary Rugen
Interim Youth Program Coordinator