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Refugee Family Update

Here is an update on our refugee family from Myanmar who resettled here on June 25.

Mya Kyaw  (pronounced mia chaw)  and his family of 6 are doing great.  They love the apartment and are very thankful for the furniture and all the things that we did for them.  “Chaw” and I are working to learn how to use the bus system.  Thursday July 28 we rode the bus to the new location of USCRI and back.  It was hot!  Monday August 1st, he starts his ESL classes.  He’ll go twice per week and do some job training as well.  We’ll be signing the kids up for school in mid-August which is another big milestone.

There are volunteer opportunities available to help our newest refugee family.  They could use some help being driven to appointments and with ESL instruction.  Click HERE to sign up!

If anyone would like to be added to our Refuge for Refugees email list, David Hatch can keep you in touch with opportunities to help.  Contact David at caredanmonster@gmail.com,  919-649-4024.

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