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Outreach Listening Circles (Aug 12)

What does Outreach mean to you? What type of service work motivates you to commit a couple of hours per month toward it? What project in support of our community would you like to join fellow St. Paul’s parishioners in making a reality?

The Outreach Visioning Team would like to hear from you on ways we can deepen, broaden, and enrich our outward focus as a parish. Some of you have participated in an adult education forum on the topic; others have provided brief suggestions in writing. Now we invite you to join us for listening circles – the next step in our effort to hear from as many of you as possible. We have opportunities on Sundays and during the week for small groups to gather for just an hour. A facilitator will lead the discussion and a note taker will record your thoughts. Please visit http://tinyurl.com/outreachcircles to sign up. All sessions will take place at St. Paul’s with specific locations to be determined.

If you cannot attend one of the sessions, we still want to hear from you. Please contact any member of the Visioning Team, listed below, to share your thoughts. And look for information in August and September on one more opportunity to meet in small groups as we discuss specific areas of interest that are emerging.

Bill Holmes, wholmes11@att.net
Dan Loughlin, danloughlin@gmail.com
Dave Mackie, dw.mackie@gmail.com
Aleta Payne, aleta@att.net
Sarah Phelps, phelpshubinsky@gmail.com
Anne Pilgrim, annepilgrim@gmail.com
Tad Richard, tadrichard@gmail.com
Kevin Swann, swann.kev@gmail.com