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New Refugee Family from Somalia

The Refuge for Refugees Ministry welcomed our 3rd refugee family Nov 16, 2016. A family of 4 arrived from war-torn Somalia. We are assisting in the re-settlement of a mom and dad, and a 7-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy. The UN Refugee Agency says that “the Somali refugee situation, now in its third decade, is among the most protracted in the world – a third generation of refugees is being born in exile.” There are nearly 2.1 million displaced Somalis. Please help us do our small part to make this family feel sheltered as they begin their new life in America.  Please click HERE for the donations page and click HERE for the volunteers sign-up page. Hopefully, the family has moved in by now, but there may be more things you can do or contribute.  Email Ramsey at dingervb@gmail.com with any questions.

Some of the volunteer activities after the family has arrived require EASY registration as a volunteer through USCRI-NC. But it can take some time for the paperwork to be approved so please fill those forms out ASAP! (They are available HERE, and you can turn them in to the church office. EASY!)