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Help Install LED Lights (Feb 27)

Phase 2 of our efforts to replace fluorescent lights with new energy-saving and long-lasting LED lights will take place on Saturday, February 27 from 1:30 until 5:30. We need your help. Contact Jason Sayers 919-491-6042 or jason.l.sayers@gmail.com.

A few reminders for Saturday:

1.  Start time 1:30 PM
2.  Bring a 6 foot ladder if you own one
3.  Bring a cordless drill if you have one
4.  Bring a Shop Vac if you own one
5.  Work in pairs, especially if you are climbing a ladder…safety first
6.  We will be working in classrooms.  It is imperative we return the classrooms to their original condition.  We can not leave any screws or small pieces of wire on the floor.

We will meet at 1:30 to go over the plan and demo one installation.  We will have three main crews (Tear down, Install, and recycle prep).