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Heifer: Online “Living Gift Market”

In years past, St. Paul’s Church has donated to Heifer International during Sunday morning worship services and as alternative gifts to honor family and friends at Christmastime. This year, during the coronavirus pandemic when we are not meeting in person, this online Living Gift Market provides an excellent opportunity for our congregation to reach people in need, both near and far. We can change the lives of people we will never meet, but who are our neighbors for whom Christ calls us to care.


The online Living Gift Market allows us to select one or more specific animals and donate the appropriate funds, or choose our own amount. Our donation goal is $5000, which will send a Heifer Gift Ark full of animals around the world, wherever there is hunger and poverty. The web page will remain open in 2021.

The web page includes a link to Honor Cards. You can make donations in honor of family members and friends, and choose to send an Honor card via email or snail mail.

Thank you for your generosity in helping others this holiday season.
Alison Arnold (alisonearnold@gmail.com)