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Food Security Update and New Volunteer Opportunity

Things are looking up!

The Western Region Food Security Group (the large group of area churches we are working with) has received extra funding from Wake County.  With that extra funding we have purchased large supplies of dry goods and boxes which are being stored at The Kirk of Kildaire.  

With the goal of St. Paul’s distributing 48 of these boxes on each of our distribution dates, I have added a spot on our sign up page for 4 volunteers to pick up, assemble, and pack 12 of these boxes on each of the Fridays preceding our Saturday 2021 distribution dates.  A Kirk volunteer named Barney will stack up and label our supplies in their fellowship hall.

NOTE:  Since we don’t have storage at our church right now, I thought maybe 4 families could each do a set of 12, keeping them at their house overnight and meeting us at The Gregory in the morning. However, if you are part of a ministry or group that wants to do all 48, that would be great!!  Please feel free to sign up accordingly.

Thank you to the great team who distributed this past weekend.  


Katie Bricio