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NC Episcopal Cursillo Weekend April 20-23, 2023

Cursillo is a spiritual renewal ministry for men and women founded on a three-day weekend of talks, group discussions, worship and fun. It is one method for training, supporting and developing Christian leadership in the Episcopal church. During the weekend, participants hear and discuss talks given by lay persons and clergy about how the community of faith experiences God’s love. Music is a major part of the weekend and the Book of Common Prayer is used for worship services.

Weekend #110 will be held at Camp Walter Johnson in Denton, NC on April 20-23, 2023. St. Paul’s parishioner Barb Magee will be the weekend leader.

See the website nccursillo.org for applications and more information, including a video by Bishop Curry highlighting the importance of Cursillo. Please reach out with any questions to Barb Magee at barbmagee311@gmail.com or to NorthCarolinaCursillo@gmail.com.

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