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What’s Happening in Children’s Ministries (week of Jan 15, 2017)

What an interesting week! I hope you all enjoyed the days off from school and that your children were able to enjoy the ice and snow. I am SO ready for my kids to be back at school tomorrow (let’s hope!). Children’s Ministries will be in full function this Sunday. We hope to see you!

Children’s Ministries Information

  • The 2016-2017 Children’s Collection Basket is collecting funds to host a Note in the Pocket Sort Day on June 4, 2017. So far we have collected $990.69 toward our $3000.00 goal.
  • Children’s Chapel will be held at the 9am and 11:15am services this Sunday. Children ages 3 through 2nd grade are invited to follow the children’s cross processional to the Youth Wing. Children will return to the Sanctuary during the Peace.
  • Sunday School resumes Sunday in the Education Building at 10:10am. Looking forward to seeing everyone…it is never too late to join Sunday School!
  • Mark your calendar for our annual Teddy Bear Tea on Saturday, Feb. 4 from 10:30am to 12noon in the Parish Hall. This event is most appropriate for children ages birth through 2nd grade. Parents/Guardians should accompany all attendees.

Sunday School Lessons this Week

The Lesson is “Jesus’ Baptism and Early Years”

Summary: Matthew 3 begins with the proclamation of John the Baptist, who baptizes Jesus “to fulfill all righteousness.” The voice from heaven lovingly proclaims Jesus as “my Son, my Beloved.” Jesus then goes into the wilderness where he fasts for forty days and is tempted by the devil to abandon God and follow Satan and his own desires. After John is arrested, Jesus begins preaching in Galilee and summons his first disciples: Peter, Andrew, James and John.

Episcopal Thread: The story of Jesus’ baptism is immediately followed by his journey to fast in the wilderness and then to his temptation by Satan. Episcopal tradition recognizes the human condition suggested by this order of events. In the Episcopal Church, when we are baptized, we do not promise never to sin again. We can never make that promise. Instead, we promise that when we do sin, we will “repent and return to the Lord.” (BCP, p. 304)

In this way, Episcopalians take a rather practical approach to sin. As hard as we may try to be perfect, we continue to sin. But we know we can repent, confess and are forgiven. Knowing that God will forgive us does not give us license to sin, but rather acknowledges our human condition and recognizes that God sent Jesus Christ, not to perfect us, but to reconcile and redeem us.

Things to wonder with your children:

What was today’s story about?
Who did we talk about?
Where was God in this story?
How did Jesus listen to God?

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about Children’s Ministries.

See you on Sunday!


Christine Ingram
Parish Administrator & Director of Children’s Ministries