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Vestry Request to Parishioners – Update

Dear Parishioners,

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the 2018 stewardship pledge season.  The 2018 pledge year is on track to be our most successful one-EVER!  The proposed 2018 budget needs to meet a record setting goal of $1 million in pledges and we are getting closer to that goal every day.  A special thank you to the 38 Families that responded to our recent call to close the $60,000 budget gap.  We are currently halfway to our $60,000 goal, with $28,833 additional pledge made in the last week.

The St. Paul’s Vestry is excited about the potential for the 2018 budget. Long overdue clergy and staff wage increases, outsourced IT support, and dozens of ministry asks are among the plans with the proposed budget, IF we can meet that budget.  But, we still need your help!  $31,000 is all we need to make this the first $1 million pledge season ever at St. Paul’s!  This is also our 60th anniversary year! Every dollar counts.  Please consider making a pledge or increasing your pledge by clicking “Pledge Now” below.

Pledge Now

Thank you for your continued support of St. Paul’s and all of it’s goals and missions.

Jeff Kager, Senior Warden


Please read the letter from the Vestry, dated January 31, 2018.  Click HERE for a letter from the Vestry, dated January 31, 2018.