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Save the Date: Cursillo Weekend — March 3 – 6, 2022

If you are looking for something more in your spiritual life, or if you need a “kick-start,” you may want to consider attending the next Cursillo Weekend being conducted in the Diocese of NC.  The weekend will be held at Camp Walter Johnson in Denton, NC., March 3-6.  All Diocesan Covid Protocols will be adhered to throughout the entire weekend.

Cursillo is a spiritual renewal ministry in the Episcopal Church for men and women.  During the course of the Weekend, you hear and discuss Talks given by lay persons and clergy about how community of faith experiences God’s love.  The Book of Common Prayer is used for all worship services.

Please pray for the Cursillo Weekend, and pray for God’s guidance if you should be a part of the Weekend.

For information, about this Cursillo Weekend, please contact Rev. Candy Snively at 919-380-7101 or candy.snively@att.net.  You may also go to the Cursillo website, nccursillo.org.     Also at the Cursillo website, you’ll find Participant, Sponsor, and Weekend Team applications, which should be mailed to the Weekend Leader’s mailing address, 103 Woodleigh Court, Jamestown, NC  27282.