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Hope for the Journey: Meditations from George and Javier

George and I have been talking quite a bit recently. (We already talk quite a bit, to be honest, but it has a different sense of urgency now—especially since we can’t simply walk down the hall to each other’s offices at church.) Over the last few days, a predominant theme of our conversations has been just how impressed we are by the people of St. Paul’s: your resiliency in the face of uncertainty and unprecedented change. Your ability to connect despite the distance. Your generosity and concern for all our neighbors, both those who live near us as well as those who are far.

Given our current circumstances, we’ve been thinking about other ways to stay in touch with you beyond St. Paul’s sermons and our livestreamed services. Over the coming weeks, therefore, we’re planning to share the occasional written post through the St. Paul’s website and social media outlets. We’ll share these as a blog of sorts—each of them a part of a series we’re calling “Hope for the Journey.”

Unlike our weekly update, these will be meandering reflections about anything whatsoever—an opportunity for you to see what we’re thinking, reading, and watching these days. Think of it as the stories that we’d share with you if we happened to sit down and chat over coffee. Or think of them as the things that we wish would turn into a sermon, but never quite make it off the cutting room floor.

A lot of it, I suppose, could make its way into a sermon… but experience tells me that quite a bit of it won’t. We figured that we’d share whatever we’re finding interesting these days—and deliver it to you in a short, digestible format, one that isn’t hampered by the formality of a church service or the need to communicate practical information relating to church life.

We hope that you’ll enjoy them too, of course. And that you’ll take part in the conversation.

We’re all in this together, friends. Take courage. Love deeply. And keep the faith.

— Fr. Javier