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Cathy Deats named Eastern Regional Canon for NC Diocese

From “The Rector’s Letter,” May 2016:

Dear Friends:

Please join me in congratulating The Rev. Dr. Cathy Deats who has been hired by Bishop Anne Hodges-Copple as the Regional Canon for the eastern region of The Diocese of North Carolina.

“The East Regional Canon will collaborate with the diocese’s two bishops, two other regional canons as well as the Canon for Administration and the Canon for Transition Ministry to help the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina thrive by strengthening the connections among its congregations and between the bishops and each congregation. The East Regional Canon will facilitate communication and act as a coach for clergy and lay leaders in order to strengthen the ministry capacities of our congregations and of our diocese. The Regional Canon will help identify and nurture the particular gifts for ministry each congregation brings to the diocese and will help both strengthen and develop ways for those gifts to be offered for the good of all.”

Bishop Anne has made an excellent choice. Having worked closely with Cathy these last few years, I know well her gifts and skills which will serve the diocese so well. But there is also sadness for me as Cathy will be leaving her role as Associate Rector at St. Paul’s. As rector I value a collegial style of priestly ministry, and Cathy has been for me an incredible priest with whom to share ministry. Cathy’s insightfulness, wisdom, teaching, preaching, pastoral care, and experience have nourished us all at St. Paul’s these last few years. Cathy’s last day with us will be June 5, the day of St. Paul’s parish picnic. Cathy has made an indelible impact on the life of our parish. Our prayers go with her as she begins this new chapter in ministry.


Statement from Cathy:

“The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye…until we meet again.”
— Jimi Hendrix

How do you say goodbye?

My hello to St. Paul’s was two short years ago. I arrived as Interim Associate Rector following my work as Interim Rector at Church of the Good Shepherd in Rocky Mount, and became Associate Rector in October, 2014. I must confess that the rector, George Adamik, was a good part of my decision to share this part of my journey with you. His leadership, disposition, and spiritual depth are qualities which call out in others, “Yes, I want to work with you!” Didn’t hurt either that he was from New York, a Yankees fan, and knows most of the dialogue to The Godfather.

Cathy-Deats-the-BoxerI have been honored to work side by side with so many folks who understand “Love God, love your neighbor, change the world” and then actually do it. I love your children, who are so spiritually inquisitive. I love getting to know so many in Bible study, training, coffee hour, vestry, and all sorts of meetings. We have done a lot together in a short time, but the role which gives me the most satisfaction is that of mentor. I have loved to simply point out, individually and in small groups, that “we are on the right track,” or “you may want to ask this question,” or “let’s see how it goes and talk about it,” or even, “what were we thinking?”

This is the community in which I had my first lobster roll and ate my first (and last) grit. It is where I learned how to replace fluorescent ballasts with LEDs. It is where I experienced a priestly ministry of deep collegiality and a staff committed to (and mostly successful at) putting the mission of Jesus, the Christ and St. Paul’s before personal interest.

You will always be in my heart,


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