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Ministry Leader Resources

Handbook for Ministry Leaders

Ministry Groups and Committees

To schedule an event or reserve an area of the campus (including parking lot and grounds), go to the Room Reservations page to find the Room Reservation Calendar, a read-only calendar that shows you what areas have already been reserved. The Facilities Manager can help you determine if your event can be scheduled for your preferred date. If you need audio equipment for your event, please send your request to audio@stpaulscary.org.

To request a key, review the Facilities Key Distribution Policy and submit Key Request Form to the Facilities Manager. The Key Request Form is available on the Policies and Forms page.

To get a flier printed or photocopied at the church, camera ready material should be dropped off or emailed to the Office Manager at least 10 days before the date it is needed.

To get a flier or brochure mailed to the congregation, contact the Office Manager for mailing labels at least two weeks prior to the mailing. Your committee is responsible for assembling the mailing after scheduling a time with the Office Manager. Bulk mailings must be done according to strict Postal Service requirements. The cost of the mailing should be covered by the committee budget.

To make a check or deposit request:

  • All checks are cut on Mondays.
  • All checks must be requested by 9:00 AM on Friday ten days before the check is needed. Ten days later the check can be picked up after 9:00 AM.
  • The Check Request Form is available on the Policies and Forms page.
  • All requests must be accompanied by receipts or other support documents.
  • Invoices for services rendered by an individual and those without receipts require provider’s social security number. The check will be reported as income.
  • Check requests for an organization require the address and Federal Tax ID number.
  • Restricted account requests can be made only by the chair of the ministry.
  • Deposits are made on Mondays. Never leave cash in office mailboxes. Please ask the Office Manager or the Financial Manager to put cash in the safe.
  • Any funds for St. Paul’s ministries are to be handled through the church Financial Manager. Ministry leaders are not to open separate bank accounts. If a specific need for handling funds arises, the Financial Manager will set up a restricted account. All funds to be deposited into that account or payments to be withdrawn from it will be handled through the Financial Manager by the procedures outlined.

To request child care for an on-campus event, contact the Nursery/Kids’ Club Director (kidsclub@stpaulscary.org), at least two weeks prior to the event.

To schedule a fundraising event, contact the Vestry Fundraising Subcommittee as soon as the event is being contemplated, but no later than 60 days in advance of the event date. Fundraising events are expected to contribute to the goals and objectives of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, and proceeds received are to be used for pre-approved purposes. A limited number of fundraising events are acceptable annually.

To serve alcohol at an event, submit a request to the church office at least six weeks prior to the requested date event. The Alcohol Policy and Request Form is available on the Policies and Forms page.

To put a display in the Narthex, please read Narthex Guidelines.

Email Addresses

Clergy, staff, and some other handy email addresses

Go to the Clergy page to find their contact information.

Go to the Staff page to find their contact information.

For after-hour emergencies, the Priest-on-Call phone number is 919-454-4451.

Other St. Paul’s Email Addresses:

PleasePost@stpaulscary.org – To post items on the St. Paul’s website, E-news, or Facebook
Announcements@stpaulscary.org – To include items in the printed Sunday bulletin
Directory@stpaulscary.org – To update your listing in the St. Paul’s Directory

Parish Update (online)

Send items to PleasePost@stpaulscary.org. Announcements are featured on the weekly Parish Update at the rector’s discretion, but will be posted on the website regardless.

Bulletin Announcements

The Sunday bulletin is published weekly on Sunday.

Deadline: two weeks prior to bulletin’s date of publication (Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.)
Send items to Announcements@stpaulscary.org.

Social Media and Website

Send to PleasePost@stpaulscary.org. Do not include personal contact information without permission from the owner.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee oversees and helps to coordinate information sources for the parish, including parish updates, website communications, Sunday bulletins, and other forms of in-house publicity and communication.