Worship. Serve. Grow.

Regan Dunlap

Regan was born and raised in Northwest Ohio. She transplanted to Cary in September 2011 following  her dream to have her own photography company and stepped out in faith. In His timing and wisdom God introduced her to her true calling as a Family Facilitator (a.k.a. Nanny) working for a placement service. In 2018, she began working with her own clients. Currently, she works with about 10 families regularly and intermittently. Since, 2014 she has worked with over 400 families.

Five Fast Facts:
Mountains or beach – Mountains with and/or without others; beach only if someone else wants to go.
Duke, State or UNC – No thank you, not a fan of sportsball. Go Bucks…
Final meal would be – TOO many choices! More importantly, it wouldn’t be what I ate; it will be whom I ate it with!
Favorite hymn and non-hymn – “My Father’s World” and clever songs that can mean two perspectives at once.
Something folks at St. Paul’s would be surprised to learn – I have an addiction to the color purple. Even my television is purple.